Key Features


Go back in time

Rewind to any day and halt playback whenever unacceptable events occur. For example, you could automatically stop playback whenever a sales call ended up waiting to be answered and subsequently abandoned. The display shows you what your agents were doing at the time of the call and why they didn't get to it in time.

An invaluable training tool

Show your agents the consequences of their actions.

Show new supervisors the expectations for service levels and what situations will affect them.

Happy call center supervisor using TASKE Contact call center software that provides tracking, real-time reporting and analytics for Avaya and Cisco contact centers

TASKE Contact is available on Avaya and Cisco telephone systems

TASKE is an Avaya DevConnect partner TASKE is a preferred solution partner of Cisco
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If anyone needs a real-time monitoring and reporting tool that gives them availability to information quickly and easily, they should really consider using TASKE.
Jennifer F., MSC Industrial Supply Company