Top 5 Reasons
On-Premise Contact Center Customers Move to the Cloud

Legacy call centers are moving to cloud-based contact centers in greater numbers and faster than ever. While the list of reasons to migrate to the cloud is long, here are the most common reasons our on-premises Avaya and Cisco customers decide to migrate to the cloud:

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  1. Flexibility ‐ the ability to turn your call center into an omnichannel contact center that provides customers with the choice of communicating with you whatever way they want. Now with new generative AI solutions being rolled out daily, text, chat, and Lex bot channels are becoming much more powerful and efficient at quickly handling customer requests.
  2. Scalability ‐ cloud contact centers can scale their inbound and outbound communications bandwidth up or down at any time to address growth, seasonality, or peak demand periods. Omnichannel communication capabilities like text, chat, and Lex bots are also much more scalable than human call agents.
  3. Security ‐ constantly evolving demands for increased security mean that contact center customers realize that large cloud service providers like AWS are best equipped to maintain leading edge security infrastructures. Trying to stay ahead of all the latest security threats yourself with aging on-premises equipment and local IT resources doesn’t make sense.
  4. Pay for what you use ‐ the benefits of paying only for your usage and not having up-front capital equipment costs or ongoing maintenance responsibilities is huge! This alone is worth the move to cloud.
  5. Reliability and continuity ‐ large cloud service providers like AWS provide service availability and redundant business continuity that far exceeds the capability of customers hosting their own on-premises systems. This has become an increasingly important consideration for all contact centers.

Even More Reasons to Move!

Migrating to the cloud provides enhanced customer and agent experiences, better understanding your customers interactions and the journey they take through your contact center, and of course reducing costs – both CapEx and OpEx. New advanced capabilities can be implemented rapidly, and AI plays an increasingly important role with capabilities like real-time sentiment analysis. TASKE Cloud AI can help ensure your customer’s satisfaction by monitoring their sentiment during any interaction and alerting the agent or supervisor to an evolving concern as it unfolds.

The top 5 concerns some customers have about moving to the cloud

  1. Risk ‐ concerns that the new service won’t be as good as the legacy system. You may be used to and comfortable with your existing service, but this field is advancing at light speed. Your customers deserve the latest service capabilities that offer the best customer experience. The cloud is well suited to keep your contact center as a leader and Amazon Connect leads this industry.
  2. Customer service disruptions – can’t afford to have service disruptions during the cut-over. TASKE can ensure that your migration and cut-over to the cloud is easy and invisible to your customers – except that they suddenly have more options and a better experience – like magic!
  3. Security – is the cloud as secure or better than on-premises legacy system? Security is a constant challenge for all businesses but by partnering with one of the top cloud service providers, you benefit from extensive security investments, resources, and ongoing infrastructure updates that you could not match on your own.
  4. Timing – will it be a slow and painful process to migrate to the cloud? TASKE Cloud guarantees a well understood and methodical transition to the cloud that will be fast and easy.
  5. Cost and ROI not meeting expectations – its important to understand what the expected migration and ongoing usage costs will be. We can help you forecast the realistic costs and ROI to know in advance how it will compare to your current system.
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Migrating your contact center to the cloud
is increasingly the obvious choice for most contact centers.

It may be a great choice for yours. TASKE can help you understand all the implications and costs. Then if you decide to make the move, we can ensure your migration to the cloud goes smoothly and both you and your customers are delighted with the results.