Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Your customers don't or won't know you've moved your contact center to the cloud with Amazon Connect. And they don't care. All they care about is the experience they have on voice calls, live chats, and with chatbots. TASKE Cloud helps you deliver the service they expect. It seamlessly integrates with Amazon Connect to deliver live views and historic reports on contact center performance via an intuitive dashboard and interface on the screens of your contact center managers and supervisors.

TASKE Cloud Features

Real-time Omnichannel Monitoring

See what's happening right now — call volumes, queues, wait times, agent activity, live chat and chatbot interactions — via TASKE Cloud's customizable dashboard.

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Historical Analytics & Reporting

Instantly access and create historic reports on customer interactions plus agent and contact center performance across voice, live chat and chatbot interactions by hour, day, week, month or year.

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Contact Flow Visualizer

This unique feature lets you review customer interactions through your contact center, including hold and transfer times — even filter contacts based on sentiment.

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Go back in time and Replay Events

TASKE Cloud lets you rewind time to understand what happened when. Was there a group of agents on break when abandoned calls spiked this morning? With TASKE Cloud, you'll know.

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Lex bot Monitoring

Utilize Amazon Lex Bots to automate simple tasks with conversational AI. TASKE Cloud gives you a snapshot of keywords being used, to help you understand and improve their performance.

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Contact centers are moving to the cloud with Amazon Connect — and delivering the ultimate customer experience thanks to TASKE Cloud. Try it free.

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Available on AWS Marketplace

Already on Amazon Connect? TASKE Cloud is available for purchase and free trial on the AWS Marketplace.

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Go to the Cloud With Confidence

TASKE and our partners can plan and manage your contact center's move to the cloud and provide you with professional training and ongoing support.

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7,000 customers Can't Be Wrong

TASKE Cloud is the latest and most advanced version of a solution that has been powering contact centers around the world for over three decades.

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