1. Support at TASKE Technology Inc.

TASKE Technology is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality of software support. For your convenience you can contact us by phone, email and web form.

The Professional Services Team at TASKE Technology is composed of technical consultants who are available to answer questions related to product features and functions, and solve technical problems associated with the installation, administration, and ongoing operation of TASKE products.

2. Eligibility

Technical Support services are available to TASKE customers current with their fees. Perpetual customers may view the expiry date of their support plan by choosing About from the Help menu of any TASKE application. Contact TASKE support for information on renewing before expiration or fill out this form.

3. Hours of Operation

TASKE Technology provides support during normal business hours of Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST/EDT (excluding statutory holidays). For "off-hours" support you are welcome to submit your questions/issues via the Support Information form or by leaving a voice message. A support specialist will be in contact with you the next business day.

4. Supported Configurations

For supported technical configurations, please refer to TASKE System Requirements.

5. Response Goals

To address support requests in the most time efficient manner, TASKE has outlined the following response-time goals for:

6. Problem Severity and Priorities

The following table outlines the level of severity assigned to each problem, and the priority assigned to commence the problem resolution process. The actual time to resolve the issue will depend on the nature of the problem and the corrective action required.

Urgent problems are subject to a daily internal progress review. High and medium severity problems are reviewed on a weekly basis until resolved.

Severity Description Priority
Critical TASKE software-licensed programs have ceased to function, are negatively affecting the functioning of other customer applications, or are creating non-recoverable data errors. Immediate (according to your support plan level)
High The TASKE software functions, but in a degraded mode. Some features do not operate as documented, with no available work-around solution. Within 24 hours
(business day)
Medium The TASKE software functions but requires the application of a work-around solution. 1-3 business days
Low Applies to an issue that is either cosmetic in nature or a new feature request. Varies

7. Escalation

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the support service, or the speed with which your support request is being addressed, we encourage you to escalate your concerns to the TASKE management team.

8. Version Support Policy

Technical Support Software Support
Current Release
Mature Release (Up to 2 prior to current)  
Retired Release (More than 2 prior to current)    

Technical Support includes help with licensing, bug investigation, feature requests and basic questions about the product's operation.

Software Support includes software updates and bug fixes. These updates will be made available as long as you are current with your fees and subject to the availability of trained personnel and resources.

TASKE Technology designates Releases by the major and minor release codes. For Retired Releases, some technical assistance will be provided if you are current with your fees and subject to the availability of trained personnel and resources. This limited assistance consists of responding to questions, providing technical workarounds and aiding in the migration to a supported release of the product.

TASKE Technology products are continuously being enhanced with new features and fixes. These changes are incorporated only into the Current Release of the product. For optimal performance and support, TASKE encourages customers to migrate to the Current Release of a specific product as soon as practical. Technical assistance will be available for a minimum of 12 months after the general availability release of any TASKE product.

TASKE software releases are numbered in the format yyyy.mm.zzzz.z, where the numbering scheme is used to determine whether the release is a major, minor, or patch release. The major release number is designated by the first value, yyyy, which coincides the with year of the release. The second value, mm, is the minor release number, coinciding with the calendar month of the release. The last 5 digits, zzzz.z, designate the build and sub-build number respectively.

Current and Mature Releases are available to customers current with their fees. To request a software upgrade, contact support or complete the Update Request form.