Support Plan Features

No Plan
Total Care
Total Care +
Self Service
Online Knowledge Base
Technical Support Services
Telephone Support during normal business hours
Toll-free number (limited to certain countries)
Email support during normal business hours
Targeted 4 business hour response
4 hours of After Hours Assistance
Product Maintenance
Emergency patches
Service builds
New versions
Access to beta products
Training Services      
Training videos
Online training ($)
On Site training ($)
No Plan
Total Care
Total Care +
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Total Care Program

TASKE Total Care is an annual agreement that provides online access to resources, Technical Support services, access to Training services and Product maintenance and upgrades. For customers purchasing Perpetual licenses, Total Care is required with the initial purchase and then can be renewed annually. Total Care is included in a Subscription license.

After Hours Assistance

Provides access to technical support staff after our normal business hours by appointment only. The assistance includes 4 hours of service typically used to facilitate after hours hardware or software upgrades of TASKE or related systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however, there is a reinstatement fee.

TASKE will provide the current shipping version of the licensed software, along with a new license key to activate the software on the TASKE server. You may also purchase installation services to facilitate a seamless upgrade.

Whenever time passes where you are not covered by a TASKE support plan.

Yes, any past customer can re-join our Total Care program. Fill out the Support Plan Renewal form to receive a quote.

Please contact the TASKE sales department at 1.613.596.2533 or fill out the Request for Information form for more information on how to make modifications to your current Total Care plan.

Choose About from the Help menu of any TASKE application click About or fill out the Request for Information form, providing your name, address, and lock number.

Some people prefer to pay a few years in advance because it guarantees them a fixed rate, should fees increase.

You would have to reinstate your TASKE Total Care program to receive a software upgrade.

For additional information about our support plans, please contact the TASKE sales department at 1.877.778.2753 or fill out the Request for Information form.