TASKE Contact Update Release Information

For Avaya & Cisco

Current Release

2023.1.1016.0 Update Date: January 16, 2023

Feature Enhancements:

  • Upgraded to .NET 6
  • Fixed various issues where upgrading a database from pre-2021.1 version caused issues with user permissions
  • Fixed an issue where edits to an Active Directory user were lost after subsequent synchronization with the Active Directory
  • Fixed an issue where capitals in the Active Directory user name would not allow the user to sign in
  • Fixed an issue where moving a user from one Active Directory group to another was not picked up by TASKE
  • Added option for email notification on successful and unsuccessful Database synchronizations
  • Changed the Desktop alert box to stack alerts together instead of showing separate boxes
  • Added long and short abandons to Desktop statistics
  • Added option in Desktop for rules to trigger on statistics exceeding given thresholds on sign in
  • Added resource names as options for Desktop rule messages
  • Fixed an issue where Visualizer was not honoring a user’s resource access restrictions
  • Added Disconnect option to the TASKE Web Portal to release the TASKE license used by SSO user
  • Added links in Essential to client setups
  • Fixed an issue when upgrading a database that included non-English characters
  • Fixed issues where Database synchronization would allow you to exceed your license
  • Specific to Avaya Telephone Systems
    • Added the ability to limit which users have access to listen to call recordings
  • Specific to Cisco Telephone Systems
    • Fixed an issue where calls that go over midnight don’t appear in reports
    • Fixed issues where features not applicable to Cisco were included in the Administration Console

Mature Releases

2021.1.1217.0 Update Date: August 8, 2021

Feature Enhancements:

  • Added button to force a synchronization of Active Directory users
  • Added the ability in Visualizer to search for calls that start with, end with, contain or equal exactly a particular phone number pattern
  • Added the ability to subscribe to TASKE instead of purchasing a perpetual license
  • Replaced client application Administrator with web-based Administration capabilities
  • Optional Active Directory integration enables users in TASKE active directory groups the ability to single-sign-on to TASKE web applications and Desktop
  • Range reports no longer require database ranges to be configured, instead, users can dynamically enter their desired range at run-time
  • Desktop upgrade and skill change options can be configured using Administration Console
  • Added the ability to use multiple Active Directories for TASKE Single Sign On
  • Expanded the types of agent states being sent to Impact 360 workforce management integration
  • Users with an Agent role by default are granted Desktop Advanced feature
  • Added SFTP support
  • Setups share is no longer required, clients are downloaded from the Web Portal
  • Specific to Avaya Telephone Systems
    • Dealt with an issue related to AES 8.1.3 where monitors would not start
    • Added ability to choose whether agents are alerted about their skill changes
    • Added ‘routing’ state when connected to a VDN in Visualizer
    • Added ability to recognize SIP trunks

2019.3.1191.0 Update Date: February 8, 2021

Feature Enhancements:

  • Chrome version 88 introduced a throttling management feature that caused our real-time views to disconnect
  • Expanded the types of agent states being sent to Impact 360 workforce management integration
  • Changed the default delay to 0 minutes for Impact 360 workforce management integration
  • Handled a scenario where an after-call survey can artificially inflate queue offered call counts
  • Added SFTP support to IEX workforce management adapter
  • Added enhancement to IEX workforce management adapter to choose when to send agent state
  • Changed Desktop so that the User is given access to the entered Workstation ID when Access Control is enabled
  • Fixed an issue where DB Update Wizard could add more resources than licensed for
  • Added the ability to run DB Update Wizard from Scheduled Tasks
  • Fixed an issue where deleted resources were not removed from a user\’s resource access control list
  • Improved SMTP logging messages and increased default email size limit to 25MB
  • Changed Desktop so that it does not open on a display that is no longer present
  • Enhanced Database Update Wizard\’s rules to set more dynamic conditions for which resources are pulled into TASKE from the telephone system
  • Added Agent re-queue information to real-time, review, and agent reports
  • Added Hold drop information to Agent group by Agent report
  • Added charts to emailed and PDF reports
  • Improved the appearance of reports when exported to PDF
  • Desktop user profiles are now stored on the server
  • Changed default installation directory to comply with Microsoft Known Folders
  • Changed the TASKE Information Server to run as a Windows service
  • Improved the speed of Visualizer search queries
  • Enhanced the options for administrators to configure when report summaries will be generated
  • Added the ability to customize the service level calculations of TSF and ASF
  • Added an Agent Group view to real-time
  • Added a Visualizer filter to find calls that were queued for a specified length of time
  • Fixed an issue where an outstanding Report or Visualizer request would cause the Web Portal to become unresponsive
  • Specific to Avaya Telephone Systems
    • AES 8.1.3 changed how monitors are sent, so we have added a registry key to control if we request a monitor when the UCID is identical
    • Fixed an issue where attempting to open a UDP client connection would cause Call Recording to crash
    • Added Call Recording configuration files to the Support Package
    • Fixed an issue where a recorded call did not always present a Desktop user with a mute button
    • Fixed an issue where Call Recording recorder devices were not being consistently deallocated upon call completion
    • Fixed inconsistent ACD and Answered counts between previous versions of Queue Reports and Agent Group by Queue Reports
    • Fixed calls in which Single Step Recorders were staying on the call after a conference or transfer
    • Added ability to the Database Update wizard to support non-EAS environments
    • Call recording is now a .NET application
    • Call recording allows the co-existence of single-step and service observe recording methods
    • Call recording rules enhanced to allow more conditions
    • Added check for maximum TSAPI licenses to use by TASKE
    • Added support for VDN return destination reporting
  • Specific to Cisco Telephone Systems
    • Changed Database Update Wizard application to allow @ in an Agent ID.
    • Added a database update wizard with the ability to automatically trigger an update when changes are made in the UCCX


All prior versions are retired.

If you are a customer who is still current with a Total Care agreement, you may contact our technical support team, who may be able to render assistance subject to the availability of trained personnel and resources.

If you want to renew your agreement or purchase a different license, perhaps a subscription to TASKE, please contact our Sales Department.

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