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Software Update Release Information

Version number information

Current Release

2019.3.1191.0 Update Date: February 8, 2021

Feature Enhancements:

  • Chrome version 88 introduced a throttling management feature that caused our real-time views to disconnect
  • Expanded the types of agent states being sent to Impact 360 workforce management integration
  • Changed the default delay to 0 minutes for Impact 360 workforce management integration
  • Handled a scenario where an after-call survey can artificially inflate queue offered call counts
  • Added SFTP support to IEX workforce management adapter
  • Added enhancement to IEX workforce management adapter to choose when to send agent state
  • Changed Desktop so that the User is given access to the entered Workstation ID when Access Control is enabled
  • Fixed an issue where DB Update Wizard could add more resources than licensed for
  • Added the ability to run DB Update Wizard from Scheduled Tasks
  • Fixed an issue where deleted resources were not removed from a user’s resource access control list
  • Improved SMTP logging messages and increased default email size limit to 25MB
  • Changed Desktop so that it does not open on a display that is no longer present
  • Enhanced Database Update Wizard’s rules to set more dynamic conditions for which resources are pulled into TASKE from the telephone system
  • Added Agent re-queue information to real-time, review and agent reports
  • Added Hold drop information to Agent group by Agent report
  • Added charts to emailed and PDF reports
  • Improved the appearance of reports when exported to PDF
  • Desktop user profiles are now stored on the server
  • Changed default installation directory to comply with Microsoft Known Folders
  • Changed the TASKE Information Server to run as a Windows service
  • Improved the speed of Visualizer search queries
  • Enhanced the options for administrators to configure when report summaries will be generated
  • Added the ability to customize the service level calculations of TSF and ASF
  • Added an Agent Group view to real-time
  • Added a Visualizer filter to find calls that were queued for a specified length of time
  • Fixed an issue where an outstanding Report or Visualizer request would cause the Web Portal to become unresponsive
  • Specific to Avaya Telephone Systems
    • AES 8.1.3 changed how monitors are sent, so we have added a registry key to control if we request a monitor when the UCID is identical
    • Fixed an issue where attempting to open a UDP client connection would cause Call Recording to crash
    • Added Call Recording configuration files to the Support Package
    • Fixed an issue where a recorded call did not always present a Desktop user with a mute button
    • Fixed an issue where Call Recording recorder devices were not being consistently deallocated upon call completion
    • Fixed inconsistent ACD and Answered counts between previous versions of Queue Reports and Agent Group by Queue Reports
    • Fixed calls in which Single Step Recorders were staying on the call after a conference or transfer
    • Added ability to the Database Update wizard to support non-EAS environments
    • Call recording is now a .NET application
    • Call recording allows the co-existence of single-step and service observe recording methods
    • Call recording rules enhanced to allow more conditions
    • Added check for maximum TSAPI licenses to use by TASKE
    • Added support for VDN return destination reporting
  • Specific to Cisco Telephone Systems
    • Changed Database Update Wizard application to allow @ in an Agent ID.
    • Added a database update wizard with the ability to automatically trigger an update when changes are made in the UCCX

Mature Releases

2018.2.1037.0  Release Date: August 31, 2018

Feature Enhancements:

  • Report resource selection includes searching and sorting
  • Added a table view to real-time which shows agents and their states in a list type format
  • Abandon Rate statistic added to real-time and review
  • User password security enhancements – ability specify the length and required characters, users cannot reuse old passwords
  • User accounts may be suspended, and the ability to automatically suspend after multiple failed access attempts
  • Desktop upgrades after this version will be optional
  • Added more options to the user creation tool including importing a list of user’s names
  • Visualizer will not time out when running long queries
  • Alarm sounds added to webSign
  • Specific to Avaya Telephone Systems
    • Added ability to use an unrestricted CTI User for data collection
    • Added ability to only start device monitor when an agent is logged in
    • Visualizer
      • Added filter for calls with recordings
      • Calls with recordings have an indicator in the result list
    • Call Recording
      • Ability to listen to an in-progress call
      • Ability to pause and resume recording for PCI compliance
  • Specific to Cisco Telephone Systems
    • Option to have agent time in state reset when their Not Ready reason code changes

2017.4.1043.0   Release Date: December 14, 2017

Feature Enhancements:

  • Added ACD Hold information to real-time in Desktop and Web Portal
  • Added new rules to Desktop
    • Time in state – i.e. if an agent puts a call on hold longer than x seconds
    • Multiple performance indicators exceed thresholds – i.e. when both calls waiting is larger than x and expected wait time is over x seconds
  • Ability to set favorites in real-time
  • Updated graphs to more dynamic visual presentation
  • Added searching and sorting capabilities to all resource lists in Desktop and Web Portal
  • Improved loading speed for large sites
  • Improved layout for small screens (i.e. tablets)
  • HTML emails will show same formatting (styles) as Web Portal
  • Improved Desktop loading speed for large sites
  • Added link to view contents of a report template
  • Added ability to edit a report template from within the report viewer
  • Added queue information to Visualizer call details ringing event
  • Added SSL support to all WebSocket widgets
  • Added ability to set height of elements on Home page
  • Added support for 64-bit JRE for Desktop
  • Ability to resize and maintain all column widths in Desktop
  • Administrator will remember size and location
  • Updated DisplayCentral to use IE 10 emulation for displaying webpages
  • Essential made HTML5 compatible – Java Applets replaced with WebSocket widgets in Essential
  • Chat removed from Essential
  • Specific to Avaya Telephone Systems
    • Integration of Essential with TASKE Recording
    • Additional filtering options based on caller ANI, destination queue and agent for selecting calls to record
    • Call recordings now stored in more compact MP3 format
    • Added the ability to group by AUX reason code in real-time

2016.4.1037.0   Release Date: November 15, 2016

Feature Enhancements:

  • HTML5 compatible – Java Applets replaced with WebSocket widgets
  • Chat removed from all applications
  • All reports in a template can be downloaded together in zip format
  • A link to a Visualizer Call Detail view can be emailed to another TASKE user
  • Additional display options for performance indicators in the webSign, real-time and review areas
  • Specific to Avaya Telephone Systems
    • Integration with TASKE Recording
    • Bulk add and remove of agents to skills using Agent Skill Management
    • Automatically start monitors on devices added to the SDB via Database Synchronize Wizard