Reset the Not Ready or AUX Work Time in State

You can reset the state time to zero (00:00:00) in the Real-Time display when an agent changes reason codes.


In the Real-Time area, TASKE shows the time that an agent has been in the current state. By default, the Not Ready (Cisco) and AUX Work (Avaya) state show the total time in that state, even if an agent changes reason codes for those states. In some environments, you may want TASKE to reset the agent’s time in the state to zero (00:00:00) when the agent changes codes.  This article describes how to set a Windows Registry entry to reset the time to zero.  You must restart the TASKE system after adding or changing the registry entry.


A Windows Registry entry determines whether TASKE resets agent time in state in the Real-Time area when agents change reason codes.

  • If this entry is not defined or if its value is set to 0, the time continues to increment.
  • If the registry entry value is set to 1, when an agent changes their reason code, TASKE resets the agent’s time to zero (00:00:00).

You may want to back up the registry by exporting it before making changes. For information, see your operating system documentation.

Use the following steps to add the registry entry:

  1. On the TASKE server computer, open the Windows Registry Editor. Refer to Editing TASKE Registry Keys for more information.
  2. Locate the following registry entry:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\TASKE Technology\Call Management\SiteData\local
  3. [For Cisco] Add the following DWORD registry key and set its value to 1:
  4. [For Avaya] Add the following DWORD registry key and set its value to 1:
  5. Exit the Registry Editor.

Important: For the change to take effect, the Information Server must be restarted. This will temporarily stop data collection. All system restarts should occur outside of normal business hours to prevent data loss.

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