TASKE Server Computer Requirements


The following describes the hardware and software required on the server computer running the latest publicly released version of the TASKE server applications. For information particular to your telephone system or for client software requirements, please refer to Recommended System Requirements for TASKE Applications.

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Server version 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2 or 2012
Required Software

Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) with ASP feature enabled
Microsoft .NET 6.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Runtime Libraries (x86)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Runtime Libraries (x86)
Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime 6.0
Microsoft Web Hosting Bundle 6.0
Windows Authentication for IIS

ProcessorA CPU with 4 or more cores
RAM8 GB or more
Available Storage Space250 GB or more
Network InterfaceGigabit Adapter
vCPU Cores4
vDisk146 GB


  • These requirements assume the TASKE server computer is dedicated to running TASKE applications.
  • These requirements are the recommended configuration for sites monitoring up to 100 agents. Sites with more than 100 agents and/or high call volume should increase the server computer capabilities.
  • TASKE does not support systems where the server computer is also an Active Directory Server, a Primary Domain Controller (PDC), a Backup Domain Controller (BDC), or an Exchange Server.
  • If using a virtual machine, configure a static MAC address to avoid TASKE licensing issues.

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