Requirements for Amazon Connect


This article describes the requirements for a TASKE system running the latest publicly released version of TASKE Cloud in conjunction with the Amazon Connect cloud call center service. If you have a different system, please refer to TASKE System Requirements for the correct system requirements.

Note: Customers must accept the TASKE Cloud EULA.

Amazon Web Services

The following is a summary of the pieces that must be configured to use TASKE Cloud with Amazon Connect. For more detailed information, please contact TASKE support.

  • a certificate that will be used to secure the TASKE Cloud website
  • 3 Kinesis data streams configured to stream data from Amazon Connect to TASKE
  • contact flow logging must be turned on
  • logging enabled on all contact flows by using the Set logging behavior contact flow block
  • if using Lex bot analysis, enable Conversation logs in Lex
  • an S3 bucket used for data backups
  • 5 DynamoDB tables will be used to store the TASKE Cloud server options
  • an EC2 Instance that will host the TASKE server application

Client Applications

The requirements for TASKE client applications are explained in:

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