New Resources Added are not Appearing in Real-Time or Reporting Applications

After adding resources to TASKE, you must restart the Information Server.


A resource or resource group was added to the TASKE database, but this new resource is not appearing in TASKE applications.


Database changes sometimes take time to propagate to all client applications. Our first suggestion is to wait a little longer.

In the case of agents, the agent will need to log out and back into the Telephone System in order for TASKE to start a monitor. Alternatively restarting the Information Server will also start a monitor on the new agent.

Restarting the Information Server is required after adding agent groups, queue groups, trunks, or trunk groups to TASKE in order to initiate the process of adding monitors to these devices which allow TASKE to record activity.

Important: Restarting the Information Server stops data collection. Changes to resources and restarting the Information Server should be performed outside of normal business hours. This prevents data loss and potential distortions to the day’s call statistics.

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