Missing or Relocated Database File Causes a Licensing Error that Prevents Information Server from Starting

Moving or deleting the TASKE database file will cause issues.


Use this article to troubleshoot a missing or relocated TASKE database file (either toolbox.cde or taske.database). The database file holds all of the telephone system resource information, configuration settings, and the TASKE lock number. If the Information Server cannot locate this file on startup it will not start.


Attempt to start the Information Server, it shows a status of Starting and then Stopped.

TASKE logs show:

Could not load license.


ttwebsv: Could not load the main local database


The Information Server cannot locate the TASKE database file. This file may have been deleted or relocated to another network location. By default, this file is located in the TASKE data folder at: C:\ProgramData\TASKE Technology Inc\Contact\SiteData\local.


The recommended solution depends on whether the file was deleted or relocated. Refer to the appropriate solution below.

The Database File was Deleted

If the file was deleted and there is no backup available, contact TASKE technical support. A technical support representative can email a default database file. Put the file in the \SiteData\local directory and populate the file using the TASKE Database Update Wizard and TASKE Administration.

The Database File was Moved

A site administrator may choose to relocate the file and all data folders (\sitedata\local) to another network location. For instance, to a location that is on a routine backup schedule. If the file is moved to another network location, the TASKE IP Address Configuration Wizard must be used to point the Information Server to the new location. To open the wizard, select Network Settings from the Tools menu of Console.

Follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the configuration. When complete, start the Information Server to confirm that the service starts and the new settings are correct.

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