Longest Idle Agent Doesn’t Get the Next ACD Call

Real-Time shows Idle time but that does not mean they are the agent most likely to get the next call.


When watching agents in the Agent State display in Web Portal Real-Time or the Agents tab of Desktop, it occasionally appears that of the agents in an Idle state, the one with the longest idle time doesn’t get the next incoming ACD call.


TASKE real-time views do not report the longest idle agent. They display the duration since the last state change for that agent.

For example, if an agent is currently the longest idle agent and they lift their phone receiver and replace it, this changes their state from Idle, to Not Ready and then back to Idle. Their Idle time will be reset to 0 seconds, but the ACD system still has them as the longest idle agent.  However, that does not mean it will direct the next ACD call to them. Modern ACD systems have multiple methods for routing calls, such as agent skills, and depending on how your system is configured, the longest idle agent may or may not get the next ACD call.

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