Installing TASKE Windows Client Applications

Where to find the setup files for the TASKE Desktop Client Applications


TASKE Windows desktop client applications are installed through the network. Depending on the version of TASKE, the instructions differ.

Version 2021.1 and newer

From the computer on which you want to install a client, find the appropriate zip file containing setup.exe in the following location, replacing TASKE_WebServerName with the name of your TASKE server:

  • http://TASKE_WebServerName/setups/
    • tsAgent.zip to install TASKE Desktop
    • tsdspcnt.zip to install TASKE DisplayCentral and TASKE DisplayCentral Designer
    • tsodbc.zip to install TASKE ODBC drivers

These links are available from the About page of Web Portal which can be accessed by clicking the Powered by link on the sign in page, or by choosing About from the Help menu after signing in. Click the Client Applications header to expand the section to reveal the links to the three desktop applications. You can also find the setups in the Program Files (x86) directory on the server computer.

Version 2019.3 and older

Part of the TASKE server installation includes placing the client setup applications in the Setups folder on the TASKE server computer and sharing this folder across the network. Browse to the Setups folder on the TASKE server computer from the client computer and launch the setup program of the desired client application to complete installation.

The client applications available for network installation are:

Client ApplicationLocation
TASKE Desktop\\<TASKE server computer>\TASKE\Setups\Agent
TASKE DisplayCentral\\<TASKE server computer>\TASKE\Setups\DisplayCentral
TASKE Administrator\\<TASKE server computer>\TASKE\Setups\Supervisor

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