How to Change the Frequency TASKE Broadcasts Database Changes to Client Applications

Instructions detailing how to change the frequency that the TASKE server broadcasts changes made in the TASKE database.


In some situations where frequent changes are made to resources in the TASKE database, client applications such as TASKE Desktop may experience frequent disconnects and reconnects making the application difficult to use. By default, updates are sent to client applications every five (5) seconds. This article describes how to change this frequency.


Adding a dbdeltatimeout key to the registry allows you to change the default time interval from 5 seconds to something larger to reduce the frequency clients receive updates.

Use the following steps to add this registry key:

  1. Open the Windows Registry Editor. Refer to Editing the Registry for more information about editing the registry.
  2. Browse to the following registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TASKE Technology\Call Management\Collector
  3. Open the Edit menu and select String Value from the New submenu.
  4. Name the new registry key dbdeltatimeout.
  5. Double-click the dbdeltatimeout key to open the Edit String Value dialog box.
  6. Input a value for the dbdeltatimeout key in the Value data field. This value is measured in seconds, meaning that a value of 60 is equal to 1 minute.

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