Exclude List of Resources from Database Wizard Updates

Use text files to automatically create exclusion rules for lists of resources.


A site has a long list of resources that they do not want to be included in the TASKE database when synchronizing resources with the telephone system.


The TASKE Database Update wizard includes the ability to configure Rules that allow a user to specify resources that are not to be transferred from the telephone system to the TASKE database. The user interface allows a user to pick and choose individual resources, ranges of resources or enter a pattern to match. Use the following method to aid in creating a rule that excludes a given list of resources.

To automatically create a rule that excludes a list of resources:

  1. Create a text file that has one resource ID on each line.
  2. Save the text file with the name of the resource type. One of:
    • Extensions
    • Queues
    • Agents
    • TrunkGroups

      Ensure the file does not have a file extension.

  3. Place the file in the following TASKE installation directory, by default, C:\TASKE\sitedata\local\exclude.

A rule that excludes the listed resources will be automatically added the next time the Database Update Wizard is opened.

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