TASKE Contact Update Release Information

For Amazon Connect

Current Release

2023.09.23 Release date: September 29, 2023

Fixes and feature enhancements:

  • Added resource and feature access control – administrators may configure which areas of the web portal users have access to as well as which resources they see within those areas
  • Agents that have been deleted will no longer appear in Real-Time, however, they will continue to appear in Reports and Visualizer for historical reporting purposes
  • Unavailable statuses that have been disabled in Amazon Connect will not be available in Real-Time and will not be enabled by default in the Agent Unavailable Reason Report
  • Added the ability to set KPI thresholds for all statistics in Real-Time tables which will color the background of the table cell
  • All Real-Time section tables will maintain sort and other view settings between user sessions
  • Added the ability to live monitor in-progress Chats
  • Added a Real-Time sentiment emoji to all agent tables for in-progress contacts
  • Added a preference to select the default time frame to use when viewing Reports
  • Added the ability to suppress rows with no data in Reports and a preference to choose the default setting
  • Added the ability to rename and reorder columns in reports with dynamically generated columns: Agent Unavailable Reason and Queue Peak reports
  • Added sorting to the Queue Peak Report
  • Added monitoring and barge statistics to Routing Profiles
  • Added statistics for abandoned Tasks
  • Added the ability to filter in Visualizer on a customer’s response to Lex using the Get customer input block
  • Added information to the Segment Flow in Visualizer to list what Queue Flow and Queue were set
  • Added the ability to reset column selections, threshold values or both
  • Added the ability to monitor chats
  • Visualizer will no longer allow users without the Enable download button permission in their security profile to download recordings
  • In Visualizer, split the timeline’s “In Contact Flow” segment to distinguish time spent in each Contact Flow
  • Implemented a Content Security Policy to prevent attacks on the website
  • Improved handling of errors and message returned when sending emails
  • Fixed an issue where charts with a large amount of resources did not finish rendering before being exported to PDF or emailed
  • Fixed an issue where Callbacks were incorrectly counted as two offered calls to a queue
  • Fixed issues that caused Chat and Task statistics to be incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where a saved Agent Hierarchy report could not be re-loaded
  • Fixed an issue that caused a saved Visualizer query to populate the date controls incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where saved report columns were not ordered the same as when they were saved
  • Fixed an issue where a saved report had duplicate columns causing it not to be viewable
  • Fixed scenarios where the displayed real-time agent state was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where users without initialized user preferences had issues viewing the web portal
  • Fixed an issue where Daylight Saving Time caused the date picker to select the wrong date

Mature Releases

2023.3.75 Release date: April 10, 2023

Fixes and feature enhancements:

  • Saved reports can be emailed on demand
  • Added ability to monitor and barge into conversations
  • Added the ability to filter in Visualizer for monitored conversations and conversations where another user barged in
  • Added Contact Lens visuals to Contact Details in Visualizer and in Real-time for an Agent Detail page while on a call. This includes a Sentiment chart and transcript with matched categories.
  • Added ability to filter on categories from Contact Lens in Visualizer
  • Added ability to filter on Agent Hierarchy level in Visualizer
  • Fixed issues where callback calls were not being credited correctly due to a time-lapse in receiving the events from Amazon Connect
  • Added ability to collapse unused sections in real-time
  • Added a Queue Peak report – shows the value of a given statistic over the time intervals of a day or days in a range including the interval and/or day it was at its peak
  • Added Agent Time Spent report that lists the durations and % of shift agents spent in different states
  • Added Agent Direct Call report that reports on the calls that were sent to an agent via their Direct to Agent queue
  • Changed the display of the Visualizer Contact Detail page when multiple agents were involved in a contact. The display groups together the disconnect reason, audio recording, sentiment analysis and flow events for each Contact ID.
  • Added support for reporting on Amazon Lex V2 bots
  • Added the ability to use a SSO SAML login instead of Amazon Connect credentials
  • Added the ability to set whether the site is using the new or old Amazon Connect URL
  • Time spent logged in but in an Offline state is available in a new Shift Time statistic which includes all time the agent is logged into Connect. Working time will include working activities performed while the agent is in Offline such as monitoring others or making phone calls, otherwise Offline time will be attributed as Non-Working time.
  • Tasks scheduled to be delivered at a later time show time to accept starting from the scheduled time instead of when they were created
  • Fixed an issue where an agent that stays in a state overnight shows as Offline in the morning instead of their previous state
  • Fixed an upgrade issue where saved reports with specific resources selected were no longer selected
  • Fixed an issue where saved Agent reports could not be changed to view Agent Hierarchy
  • Fixed an issue where reports showed too many abandoned calls for a Queue
  • Fixed an issue where dial-through calls would not be closed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where not all report columns were exported to PDF
  • Fixed an issue where using the browser back button would break report links

2023.1.31 Update date: January 18, 2023

Fixes and feature enhancements:

  • Added the Unavailable Reason report – shows a count and time in the various Amazon Connect custom Unavailable statuses
  • Added Unavailable Reason summary statistics to real-time
  • Added the ability for users to Silent Monitor (listen to) another agent’s call
  • Added the ability for users to send a Silent Monitor to another user
  • Added the ability for users to move an agent from the Missed or After Work states to Available
  • Added a Routing Profile Staffing report
  • Fixed an issue where the Agent disconnected first statistic was not being properly tabulated
  • Fixed an issue where a callback was being double pegged as an offered call when it was requested in one queue but was completed in a different queue
  • Corrected an issue where the ASA time for queue calls that don’t actually wait in queue (an agent was available immediately) was incorrect
  • Added the feature that when a report is saved its sort column is also saved
  • Fixed an issue in Replay where if an agent was already on a call when replay was started, they are not shown as on a call

2022.4.51 Update date: December 7, 2022

Fixes and feature enhancements:

  • Added a Dark color scheme
  • Added statistics: Max Calls Waiting in queue, Agent Unavailable Time and Agent Time in Missed
  • Added indicator to Visualizer search results icons to show there is a recording associated with the contact
  • Real-time Lex bot utterances table explicitly says “not recognized” when an utterance is missed
  • On Visualizer detail pages, the Flow details section is now a confined scrolling frame
  • Added context-sensitive help to Reports
  • Resolved issues where some saved reports would not email on their schedule
  • Resolved issue where Time to Answer was inaccurate in Visualizer
  • Improved speed of resource selection for Reports and Visualizer
  • Fixed an issue where the word cloud for a Lex bot would continue to fill in infinitely
  • Fixed an issue where Routing Profiles would show agents no longer assigned to that profile
  • Fixed an issue where not all contacts were being reported in Visualizer
  • Fixed Max Call Wait time to account for callers that requested callbacks as well
  • Fixed an issue where when a callback waited overnight, the call would not be credited correctly in Reports
  • Added Available and Unavailable duration to Agent Voice Call report
  • Fixed the sizes of charts in scheduled report emails
  • Scheduled reports wait for charts to render before sending email
  • Fixed an issue where saved reports were not calculating column statistics correctly if they have been reordered
  • Fixed an issue where calls waiting in reports always showed 0
  • Word cloud only loads when data changes
  • Added Lex bot word cloud
  • Added Sankey journey diagram to Contact Flow reporting
  • Added Contact flow reporting
  • Wide reports exported to PDF now wrap and first column repeats on wrap
  • Added statistics for utterances that a customer failed to confirm
  • Added Lex bot reporting
  • Added multiple y-axes to charts
  • Fixed an issue where Average Available Agents (AAA) was not being calculated for a 24/7 contact center
  • Added compression to the data files on disk
  • Limited queue reports to hours of operation
  • Added a TASKE security profile to assign to users in order to permit log into TASKE Cloud
  • Added Agent disconnected first statistic
  • Added speed control to Replay
  • Added Routing Profile reporting
  • Added Replay

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