TASKE Cloud Update Release Information

Current Release

2022.3.37.0 Update Date: August 4, 2022

Feature Enhancements:

  • Fixed the sizes of charts in scheduled report emails
  • Scheduled reports wait for charts to render before sending email
  • Saved reports not calculating column statistics correctly if they have been reordered
  • Fixed an issue where calls waiting in reports always showed 0
  • Word cloud only loads when data changes
  • Added Lex bot word cloud
  • Added Sankey journey diagram to Contact Flow reporting
  • Added Contact flow reporting
  • Added statistics for utterances that a customer failed to confirm
  • Added Lex bot reporting
  • Added multiple y-axes to charts
  • Fixed an issue where Average Available Agents (AAA) was not being calculated for a 24/7 contact center
  • Limited queue reports to hours of operation
  • Added a TASKE security profile to assign to users in order to permit log into TASKE Cloud
  • Added Agent disconnected first statistic
  • Added speed control to Replay
  • Added Routing Profile reporting
  • Added Replay