Client Applications are Unable to Connect to the TASKE Server

When the TASKE server IP address is changed, all the clients have to be changed to point to the new server.


An error appears when attempting to launch a TASKE client application. They vary by application, but you are presented with the following question in every error message:

TASKE Client Configuration:
TASKE Server Address: <IP or computer name>
Site Data Path: \\<Server Computer Name>\SiteData\local
Would you like to change your client configuration?


Communication with the TASKE server components is vital to many of the TASKE client applications. Changing the IP address or computer name of the TASKE server computer will cause the above error to display and prevent the client applications from opening. The client computer must be configured with the new server computer IP address or computer name to allow these applications to resume communication with the TASKE server components and function properly.


Before changing any of the settings in the TASKE Client Configuration utility, verify that the IP address of the TASKE server computer has changed. If it has, perform the following steps:

  1. Obtain the new IP address or the computer name of the TASKE server.
  2. On the client computer experiencing the issue, launch a TASKE client application.
  3. Click Yes in the TASKE Error window to launch the TASKE Client Configuration utility.
  4. Input the new IP address or computer name for the TASKE server computer in the Server Address box.

This changes the TASKE server IP address for all TASKE client applications installed on the computer. Continue to each computer running TASKE client applications (including the TASKE server computer) and use the above instructions to reset the server’s IP address.

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