Call Statistics Compared Across Reports Do Not Match

Call statistics do not match across reports because not all devices have been entered in TASKE Administration Console.

Important: the solution this article presents requires restarting the TASKE server computer. This will temporarily stop data collection. All system restarts should occur outside of normal business hours to prevent data loss.


Adding resources (trunks, extensions, agents, or queues) to the telephone system programming and failing to add these same resources to TASKE may cause statistics to not match one another.


Call statistics compared across different TASKE reports are not matching.


Often this is due to the addition of a resource to the telephone system programming that was not added to TASKE.  These resources will be unavailable for real-time monitoring, inclusion in reports, and Visualizer searches until they are included in the TASKE database.

A common example of this is often found in the Agent Group and Queue by Interval reports. If an agent is present in the telephone system programming but not in TASKE, the Queue by Interval report will report more calls than the Agent Group report. This is because the Queue by Interval report shows all calls offered to the agent group, but the Agent Group report can only show calls handled by the agents in TASKE. This means all calls handled by agents not in Administration Console are omitted from the Agent Group reports.


Sites experiencing this issue should compare the telephone system programming with the resources entered in the TASKE database.

If there are inconsistencies:

  1. Backup your database file (toolbox.cde or TASKE.database) to a new location.
  2. Then use the TASKE Database Update Wizard to populate TASKE with resources from the telephone system.
  3. For the changes to take effect, you will need to restart the Information Server.

Refer to the online help on the TASKE server computer for detailed instructions under the topic Synchronizing the Database with the Telephone System.

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