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Requirements for computers running Desktop
Tags: computer, requirement
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Change real-time to show time since log out instead of time stamp of when the agent logged out.
Tags: administration, agent, Information Server, Logged Out State, registry
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How to change the default location TASKE Desktop stores its configuration information.
Tags: Client Configuration, network, path
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Information for how to turn off the silent monitor (service observe) indicator.
Tags: administration, Information Server, PCI compliance, recording, service observe, silent monitor
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Instructions detailing how to change the frequency that the TASKE server broadcasts changes made in the TASKE Administrator.
Tags: administration, disconnect, registry
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Where to find the setup files for the TASKE Desktop Client Applications
Tags: client application, install
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How calls are accounted for in TASKE during the switch from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time
Tags: Daylight Saving Time, time
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