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Summary Introduced in version 2018.1 of TASKE, Desktop clients can be configured to no longer be required to update when the TASKE server is updated. Configuring the Upgrade Process Versions 2018.1 through 2019.3 For versions prior to 2021.1, in the Setups share for the Desktop installation there is a setup.ini file. This file contains two […]
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Requirements for computers running Desktop
Tags: computer, requirement
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Change real-time to show time since log out instead of time stamp of when the agent logged out.
Tags: administration, agent, Information Server, Logged Out State, registry
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Information for how to turn off the silent monitor (service observe) indicator.
Tags: administration, Information Server, PCI compliance, recording, service observe, silent monitor
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Instructions detailing how to change the frequency that the TASKE server broadcasts changes made in the TASKE Administrator.
Tags: administration, disconnect, registry
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Where to find the setup files for the TASKE Desktop Client Applications
Tags: client application, install
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How calls are accounted for in TASKE during the switch from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time
Tags: Daylight Saving Time, time
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