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If there are discrepancies between the devices in your phone system and the resources listed in the TASKE Administrator, some Reports and Visualizer queries will appear to be inaccurate. The TASKE Device Check Wizard analyzes the contents of the TASKE database and historical data file to find device discrepancies and potential programming errors for you. The devices listed in the Avaya TSAPI Service Security Database (SDB) should match the resources listed in TASKE Administrator in order to correctly collect call statistics for the listed devices.

Using the TASKE Device Check Wizard

The TASKE Device Check Wizard is located in the TASKE installation folder and can be launched by double clicking on ttdevchk.exe.

Select a TASKE PBX file (DFyymmdd.pbx) as well as your TASKE Database file (toolbox.cde) by clicking on the appropriate Browse buttons.

The TASKE Device Check Wizard will begin to compare devices listed in the database file and PBX file once you click on the Next button.

When finished, the window will display Analysis completed and provide a summary of potential problems that require attention.

Understanding the Analysis results

After analyzing the Database and PBX file the TASKE Device Check Wizard may provide a list of programming errors that may need to be corrected.

xyz incorrectly entered as an extn in TASKE database: Wrong monitor type for an extn

xyz incorrectly tagged as a QCC in TASKE database: QCCs aren’t monitored

xyz incorrectly tagged as a VDN in TASKE database: Wrong monitor type for a VDN

  • Based on the type of monitor started in the PBX file, the device in question is entered as the wrong ‘type’ in the Administrator.

xyz is not entered in TASKE database

  • A monitor was started on this device; device not found in the Administrator. Remove from the SDB if you no longer wish to monitor this device.

No monitor started on extn xyz

  • This device was found in the Administrator; no monitor start was found in the PBX file. If you want to monitor on this device, it must be added to the SDB

Device monitor failed on xyz: Cause of monitor failure

  • This device is not being monitored for the reason listed.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • Avaya Communication Manager


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