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Configuring Non-ACD Hunt Groups

Last Updated: 17-Jun-2011

Adding Hunt Groups to Administrator

From the TASKE Administrator, click on Extensions

  1. Click on New to add a new extension
  2. Enter an ID which corresponds to the extension of the Non-ACD Hunt Group
  3. Enter a Name and Nick Name
  4. In the Type drop-down list, select Normal
  5. Click on Update

Click on the Extension Groups section

  1. Click on New to add a new extension group
  2. Enter a unique ID for this extension group
  3. Enter a Name and Nick Name
  4. In the Type drop-down list, select Non-ACD Hunt
  5. In the Access Number field enter the extension number for the Non-ACD Hunt Group
  6. Add the extension group members to this new group. You should add all extensions which can possibly answer these calls
  7. Click on Update
It is possible to create multiple extension groups that include the same non-ACD hunt group access number.
This would allow you to report on hunt group members separately from other devices like voice mail ports.

Reporting on non-ACD Hunt Groups

Once non-ACD Hunt groups are entered as Extension Groups, you can use the following reports:

  • Extension by Time Interval – Summarizes the call statistics for the non-ACD hunt group for each interval of the report. This report tells you how many calls flowed into the  non-ACD hunt group, but not if they were answered or who answered  them.
  • Extension by Call Detail – Provides a single-line summary of each call that flowed through the non-ACD hunt group.  This report tells you the caller ID of each caller and the physical location they are dialing from.
  • Extension Group by Non-ACD Hunt – This report breaks down the non-ACD hunt group statistics and shows answered and abandoned calls on a per extension basis. This report is useful  if you are looking to find out the exact number of calls each extension is answering from the non-ACD hunt group.

Or you can use Visualizer to see the details of the calls.

    Applies to:

    Telephone Systems:

    • Avaya Communication Manager


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