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Queue Reports Appear to Have Too Many Abandoned Calls

Last Updated: 22-Jun-2011


Call centers that use Avaya’s modular messaging feature must identify which trunk groups use this feature. When calls are diverted from a queue to a voice mail system, this identification enables the system to correctly credit calls as interflowed calls instead of abandoned calls.


In TASKE Administrator, enable the Modular messaging checkbox for all trunk groups that use the modular messaging feature. After enabling this checkbox, all calls leaving a queue and going to modular messaging voice mail will be credited as interflowed calls, at the point where the calls are answered by modular messaging.

If you still think the abandoned call count is inaccurate, refer to Article 10177 which describes an alternate reason why your reports may have unexpected results.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • Avaya Communication Manager


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