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The Caller Location field is empty in my Reports.


Phone numbers that can be dialed locally without dialing an area code instead must be matched using the city code. By selecting the area codes that can be dialed locally, TASKE Reports uses this information to determine the origin of calls that are dialed without an area code.


Use the following steps to identify the area codes within your local calling area.
  1. Open TASKE Administrator at the TASKE server computer.
  2. Select the Report Options page and display the Generation tab.
  3. Choose the appropriate Country Code from the drop list.
  4. If the area code list is empty, you must:
    1. Download the aclist.zip file
    2. Extract aclist.dat from aclist.zip to the \\TASKE\SiteData folder on the TASKE server computer.
    3. Close and re-open Administrator
  5. Place a checkmark in front of each of the area codes that may be dialed locally in your area.
    Note: when checked, the area code automatically moves to the top of the list. You may pick a maximum of four area codes.
  6. Click Update.

From this point forward Reports will attempt to match all incoming calls that are dialed without an area code to the area codes identified as local.


The Generation tab in the Report Options page of the Administrator contains a list box for selecting the area codes within your local calling area. The aclist.dat file is required to populate this list. Once one or more area code is selected in this list Reports are able to apply the appropriate area codes to 7-digit automatic number identification (ANI) strings. If the area codes within the local calling area are not identified, Reports cannot properly identify the origin of the call.

For instance, in New York, New York, numbers within both the 212 and 718 area codes may be dialed locally. When encountering a 7-digit ANI string, such as 555-1234, the Reports application knows to search the city codes for these two area codes and apply the appropriate area code to the string.

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