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Understanding the Naming Convention of Exported Reports

Last Updated: 17-Jul-2018


Exported reports are named with very specific filenames to aid in the identification of the exported files.

Each report name consists of the period, type, interval and resource number in the form PxTxIx####. All files are exported in the format specified in the user Preferences under Report Export Options.

The following table outlines the conventions used:

Component Component Option Filename Code
Period Daily Pd
Weekly Pw
Monthly Pm
Range Pr
Year by Week Pyw
Year by Month Pym
Type Agent Ta
Agent Group Tag
Extension Te
Extension Group Teg
Queue Tq
Queue Group Tqg
DNIS Group Tdg
Trunk Tt
Trunk Group Ttg
Forecast Fc
Notification Tn
Optional Sub-Type Account Code act
Answer Spectrum ansp
Abandon Spectrum absp
Interflow Spectrum fsp
Do Not Disturb dnd
Unavailable un
ACD Hold hld
Not Ready nr
AUX Work Reason aw
Interval 15 Minute I15
30 Minute I30
60 Minute I60
Day Id
Week Iw
Month Im
Area Code Iar
Area Code and City Iac
State or Province Isp
Abandon Caller Iabn
Agent Ia
Agent Group Iag
Extension Ie
Queue Iq
Queue by Agent Iqa
Call Detail Icd
Account Code Iact
Account Code by Agent Iacba
Talk Time Distribution Ittd
Peak Offered Ipo
Peak Answered Ipan
Peak Abandoned Ipab
Peak Interflowed Ipf
Resource # The resource number is the ID of the reporting resource that is the focus of the report. A reporting resource may be a trunk, trunk group, extension, extension group, agent, agent group, queue, or queue group. ####


Using these naming conventions, the filename for a Daily Agent by Interval report, for agent 7500, with a 30-minute interval would be: PdTaI307500.

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