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Visualizer Times Out Before Producing Search Results

Last Updated: 13-Jun-2011


The following message displays before Visualizer is able to produce the search results:

Call summary generation is taking longer than expected. Please wait a few minutes and run your search again.

In Administrator, this error will be logged as:

Timed out preparing call summary file.


There are several reasons why Visualizer may not complete a search before the allotted search time expires. These reasons are:

  • The summary file for one or more of the selected dates needs to be generated. Subsequent queries for these dates will be faster because the summary files already exist
  • The search parameters include multiple dates, increasing the amount of data to search and summary files to create
  • The search is very specific (searching for a specific resource or telephone number)
  • The call volume for the site is high, making summary file generation lengthy
  • Visualizer is set to return a large number of results
  • Any combination of the above


Several solutions are available for overcoming searches that time out. These include:

Increase the Summary Generation Time-Out Value

Follow the instructions in Article 10172 to increase the time-out for generating summary files which Visualizer then searches for your requested call details.

Wait a Few Minutes and Try the Search Again

When a search time-out occurs, the application is no longer attempting to retrieve the data, but the summary file generation has already begun at the Information Server and will continue until all requested summary files are generated. Visualizer search results are provided by these files. Waiting a few minutes and trying the search again may prove to be successful because the required summary files are now available. *

Decrease the Number of Search Results to Return

The preferences for Visualizer allow users to determine the number of records to return in a search. The default number of records to return is 500 and the range is 1 to 1000.

Enable the Daily Summary Auto-Update Tool in Information Server

This tool automatically generates summary files of the day’s data at user-defined intervals. Visualizer search results are provided by these files. Having summary files already generated when Visualizer requests data significantly decreases the search time because the summary files are not being generated on demand. * Enable this in the Information Server by selecting Daily Summary Auto-Update from the Configure menu.

Revise the Filter Parameters

If the search continues to time-out, try revising the filter parameters. The filter may include too many days or be too complicated to return the requested information before a time-out occurs.


* Changes to resources in TASKE Administrator may prompt the regeneration of summary files.




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