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Understanding TASKE Licensing and Monitoring License Use

Last Updated: 18-May-2021


TASKE licenses its software according to the size of site requiring monitoring, as well as the number of individual applications to be run within the site. At any time you can purchase additional licenses as your business grows.

Traditionally, TASKE software is purchased using a perpetual license. This software license is paid for upfront and licensed based on a size of site calculation plus individual application licenses. Technical support and upgrades are purchased through a separate annual fee.

Recently, TASKE introduced subscription licensing. This software license is still based on a size of site calculation and must be renewed annually. All technical support and upgrades are included in the fees.

Sizing a Site

The size of site to be licensed is determined by the number of resources requiring to be monitored. For TASKE Contact, this is how many agents which you want to monitor. For other products, it may also include how many extensions you want to monitor.

Application Licensing

TASKE applications are licensed as a pool of licenses of each application type.

We currently have three application types requiring licenses:

  • Web Portal
  • Desktop*
  • DisplayCentral*

As each user logs in to a given application, a license for that application is used up. When all the licenses for an application are gone, subsequent users attempting to access the application will be denied access. A user can release their license for another to use simply by signing out of the application. This will return the license to the pool for another user to use.

It doesn’t matter whether the TASKE user account is of type supervisor or agent, both types of users equally use up an application license. For example, an agent user logging in to the Web Portal will only see Real-Time, but they still use a Web Portal license, just like a supervisor user would, even though a supervisor user can see all areas of the Web Portal application.

A user must click ‘Sign Out’ in order to immediately release their Web Portal license. Simply closing the browser will not release the license. The Web Server automatically releases a user license after a defined period of time passes without a request from the user. This timeout value is set through the Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration and the default is 20 minutes.

DisplayCentral Designer is an application that does not require a license. Unlimited users may use it to design layouts for DisplayCentral. What is licensed is DisplayCentral, which is the application that actually drives the LCD or other large screen display. DisplayCentral licenses limit the number of large screen displays that can be simultaneously updating with real-time data from the TASKE server.

* Desktop and DisplayCentral are not currently available with TASKE Essential or TASKE Reporter.

Monitoring License Use

The TASKE Information Server License tab will show you how many licenses of each type you have, as well as how many are currently in use.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • All


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