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Use this article to set the application name for the TASKE web application in Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) version 6.0 or earlier when the real-time applets in TASKE web applications are not updating after users sign in and the user license is not released after sign out.


The real-time applets in a TASKE web application are gray and do not update. Additionally, there are intermittent problems signing back
into the web application and the following error displays:

Error Signing In

There is a problem connecting to the server. Please contact your system administrator.

Specifically: the number of licenses has been exceeded, hence your log in request was denied.


The Application Name is not set in the IIS properties for the TASKE web application. This prevents the web application from locating the resources required for accessing real-time updates and license management. The results are unresponsive real-time applets and licenses that remain bound to previous sessions, even after users sign out.

Note: regardless of the IIS settings, the Web Server will automatically release user licenses after a defined period of time passes without a request from the user. This timeout value is set in the IIS configuration and the default is 20 minutes.


Setting the application name in the IIS properties for the web application resolves these issues.

  1. From the Windows Control Panel, open the Administrative Tools folder and select Internet Information Services to open the Internet Information Services window.
  2. Locate the directory for the TASKE web application in the directory tree. The location is:
    • Internet Information Services\<Computer Name> (local computer)\Web Sites\Default Web Site
  3. The directory for the TASKE web application will appear as taske.
  4. Right-click on this directory and select Properties.
  5. Check the entry in the Application Name field on the Virtual Directory tab. If the name is Default Application, click Create to    automatically change the application name to that of the TASKE
    web application (taske).
  6. Change the Application Protection setting to High (Isolated).
  7. Apply the changes and return to the Internet Information Services window.
  8. Select Default Web Site from the directory tree and restart the service to implement the changes.

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