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Microsoft® Access provides a Link Tables… option for importing data from external data sources. Using the TASKE ODBC driver, this option creates a table in Access for each TASKE summary file selected for import. A dynamic link between a summary file and a table allows Access to query the summary file each time the linked table is opened.

The first time data is imported from each TASKE summary file (and a corresponding table is created in Access), the import may fail to include all records contained in the summary file. Opening each table and performing a sort command before re-saving the table forces the Access table to index and update.


Tables in Access are missing records when TASKE data is imported using the Link Tables… option.


The tables are not bringing all records in from the TASKE summary files because the tables are not being indexed as they are created. Although this usually occurs in tables that contain a large amount of data, it is difficult to determine which tables are affected.


All tables created with the Link Tables… option must be opened, sorted, and saved to force Access to index the tables.

To index a linked table, open the table, select the first column of the table and sort it using the Sort Ascending option. Save the table to create the index and update the table with any new or missing data from the TASKE summary file.

Repeat the above actions for each table linked to a TASKE summary file.

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