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Reports Display a Lower Than Expected Duration for DND

Last Updated: 10-May-2021


The agent reports are displaying several DND counts, but the DND duration is lower than expected.


While in the DND state, an agent may enter a state with higher precedence, such as After Call Work. When this occurs, the agent reports peg the agent with a DND count, but to avoid showing overlapping durations for the time in state, only the state with the higher precedence can credit the duration. This causes the DND counts to be high and the DND durations to be lower than expected.

Agent and agent group reports do not increment the time for both states because, at the end of the day, the agent’s logged in shift time must match the accumulated time the agent spent in each state (ACD, non-ACD, outbound, idle, do not disturb, or work time). If the reports incremented the time for both states, the agent’s shift time would amount to less time than the accumulated time the agent spent in the various states throughout the day.

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