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TASKE Web Applications Return a Page Not Found Error

Last Updated: 10-Jun-2011


The URL to the TASKE web application produces a Page not found error.


This error can occur for a number of reasons. This article will outline the various issues and the resolutions.

1. Path to TASKE web application in IIS is incorrect

TASKE web server components were not installed to the default installation location and the path to these components in Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) is incorrect. This prevents the browser from finding the Sign In page for the application.

The default installation location for the TASKE web application is:

  • c:\taske\webapps


Correct the path to the web server components in the IIS properties.

  1. Open the Internet Information Services window. Locate the directory for the TASKE web application in the directory tree. The location in the tree is:
    • Internet Information Services\<Computer Name>\Web Sites\Default Web Site
    • The directory for the TASKE web application will appear as taske.
  2. Right-click on this directory and select Properties.
  3. Check the entry in the Local Path field on the Virtual Directory tab.
    • Change the path to the actual location of the TASKE web application.

2. IIS is in locked down mode

The default installation of Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 on Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 is in locked down mode and can only serve static HTTP content. This prohibits the use of the Active Server Pages Web Service Extension that is required by TASKE web applications.


Enable the Active Server Pages Web service extension. To do this open IIS Manager, expand the local computer, and click Web Service Extensions. In the details pane, click the Active Server Pages Web service extension and click Allow to enable Active Server Pages Web service extension.

3. Active Server Pages Need to use Relative Paths

TASKE web applications use Active Server Pages (ASP). To load these pages, the Enable Parent Paths check box must be enabled in Microsoft IIS. This check box allows ASP pages to use relative paths to reach the current directory. Automatically enabled in IIS version 5.0 and below, this check box is disabled by design in IIS version 6.0 and must be manually enabled.


To make the TASKE web application functional with IIS version 6.0, enter the properties page for the TASKE web application site in IIS and enable the Enable Parent Paths check box. If the web application is also the default web site for the computer, you must enable this check box in the properties of the default web site as well.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 332117 – Enable Parent Paths Is Disabled by Default in IIS 6.0 contains more information regarding this issue.

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