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Important: this article applies to Sentinel SuperPro USB and parallel software locks only. TASKE distributes both Sentinel and Sentinel SuperPro software locks. Sentinel locks are parallel connectors that are blue in color; this article does not apply to sites using these locks. SuperPro parallel locks are beige in color and the USB locks are purple or black; both lock types are clearly labeled as SuperPro.


If you are having issues related to the TASKE software lock, first verify that the lock is properly attached to the TASKE server computer. If the lock is attached, the Sentinel System Driver may not be installed properly. This is often the case with USB software locks. USB locks cannot be connected to the computer when the Sentinel System Driver is being installed.

SafeNet, Inc., the producers of Sentinel SuperPro software locks (formerly produced by Rainbow Technologies), provide the Sentinel SuperPro Medic utility that detects and diagnoses problems with these locks. This utility is included on the TASKE installation CD and is available for download on the SafeNet, Inc. web site.

To install Sentinel SuperPro Medic from the TASKE installation CD, browse to the following location and run SuperproMedic.exe:

  • \ThirdParty\Rainbow

Once installed, run SproMedic.exe from the following location to launch the Sentinel SuperPro Medic:

  • \Program Files\Rainbow Technologies\SuperPro\Medic

Use the utility to identify problems with the SuperPro software lock. If the problem requires the reinstallation of the Sentinel System Driver, the installation program for this driver is also included on the TASKE installation CD and available for download on the SafeNet, Inc. web site.

The installation program for the Sentinel System Driver is SSD5411-32bit.exe and it is in the same location as the installation program for Sentinel SuperPro Medic on the TASKE installation CD. If using a USB software lock, remove the lock from the computer before reinstalling the Sentinel System Driver.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • Avaya Communication Manager and MERLIN MAGIX
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Inter-Tel Axxess
  • Iwatsu ADIX APS
  • Mitel Networks


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