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An agent, extension, or queue was added in the TASKE Administrator, but this new resource is not appearing in TASKE applications.


Restarting the Information Server is required after adding agents, extensions, or queues (or groups of these resources) to the Administrator in order to initiate the process of adding monitors to these devices which allow TASKE to record activity.

Important: Restarting the Information Server stops data collection. Changes to Administrator and restarting the Information Server should be performed outside of the normal business hours. This prevents data loss and potential distortions to the day’s call statistics.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • Avaya Communication Manager and MERLIN MAGIX
  • Toshiba Strata CIX40, CIX100, CIX200, CIX670 and CIX1200
  • Mitel MiTAI


administrationInformation Serverrestart

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