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TASKE applications communicate via TCP/IP. On occasion, communication between TASKE server and client applications may be interrupted and result in socket errors that are logged in TASKE Administrator. This article explains the possible cause of these errors and links to a Microsoft® knowledge base article that provides more detailed information.


The TASKE Administrator log file displays the following error:

E,11,<Date>,<Time>,[socket 2A8] send failed,rc=10054


This is a Microsoft Windows socket connection error that is caused by a sudden interruption in communication between two applications. On TASKE client computers, this error is commonly caused by stopping the Information Server or shutting down the TASKE server computer. Similarly, the Administrator log on the TASKE server computer may display this error if a client application shuts down while a server application is attempting to transfer information.

For more detailed information on this error, go to Microsoft’s knowledge base article 819124: Windows sockets error codes, values, and meanings Web link, and refer to the WSAECONNRESET (10054) error code.


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