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Using the TASKE Call XML Tools

Last Updated: 31-Jul-2018


This article contains information regarding how to use the TASKE Call XML Export utilities to export Visualizer summary data to .xml files for use in other applications. Contact TASKE to purchase a license for TASKE XML if you have not already done so. Refer to our FAQ for information on how to find what components are included in your license.

Utilizing Call XML Tools

Perform the following steps on the TASKE server computer:

  1. Add the TASKE Call XML Export utilities to the TASKE Console Tools menu by adding the appropriate entries to the Windows registry
    1. Run the appropriate registry file to automatically add the necessary entries to the registry
      32 bit:  ftp://ftp.taske.com/Support/Misc downloads/cxeutil.reg
      64 bit: ftp://ftp.taske.com/Support/Misc Downloads/cxeutil64.reg
    2. Restart the TASKE server computer for these changes to take effect
  2. Select CXE Integration Wizard from the Tools menu in TASKE Console to launch the TASKE Call XML Export Wizard
    1. On the General Configuration page, enable the Enable XML export checkbox.
    2. Enable the Enable schedule checkbox to configure a daily schedule for the automatic export of the XML files.
      • Enter the time for the export. This is when the TASKE data from the previous day will be exported to a .xml file
      • Enable the Delete files with a creation date older than checkbox and input the desired number of days to automatically remove the old .xml files from the computer.
    3. Use the Path Configuration page to select the location for the exported .xml files.
      • Directory – the default location for saving the .xml files is c:\. To export the files to another location, browse to an existing directory or create the desired directory and browse to that location in the wizard.
      • Archive in zip file – enable this check box to save the exported .xml files in a .zip file.
      • File names – the .xml files use the date of the exported data in the file name. The file name for a .xml file uses the format YYYYMMDD.xml. Archived .xml files use the format: YYYYMMDD.xml.zip.
  3. Restart the TASKE Integration Server to apply the changes.
  4. Change the TASKE Integration Server startup type to automatic *
    1. Select TASKE Integration Server from the list of components in TASKE Console.
    2. Select Properties from the Action menu to open the TASKE Integration Server Properties window.
    3. Select Automatic from the Startup type list.
  5. Select CXE Reporter from the Tools menu to manually export data to .xml files
    1. Use the calendar tool to select a date.
    2. Click Request Data to export the data for that date.
    3. The bottom section of the page displays the status of the request. If the utility is unable to generate the data, ensure all required TASKE server components are started.

* The TASKE Integration Server must be running for the data generation and export to the .xml file to occur. By default, the Integration Server is set to a manual startup type. This must be changed to automatic to ensure the data exports occur on schedule.

Further Information

Contact TASKE support to request the Call XML Schema document if you require more information on the exported elements and attributes.

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