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Integrating COREMedia CoreDirect with TASKE

Last Updated: 21-Jul-2011


The following instructions will integrate COREMedia CoreDirect® 4.4 with TASKE. CoreDirect software helps companies anlyze the impact of their marketing campaigns. For more information, visit the COREMedia websiteWeb linkContact TASKE to purchase a license for the CoreDirect Integration if you have not already done so. Refer to our FAQ for information on how to find what components are included in your license.

The following will require a system restart. This will temporarily stop data collection. All system restarts should occur outside of the normal business hours to prevent data loss.

Performing the Integration

This integration creates a channel for exporting TASKE call data to CoreDirect.

  1. Add your DNIS numbers to TASKE Administrator
    1. Use the DNIS number the telephone service provider supplies (typically the last four-digits of the telephone number) for the DNIS ID and the full 10-digit telephone number (without the hyphens) for the DNIS name. The value used for the DNIS name is exported to CoreDirect and is used as the DNIS ID by CoreDirect. Do this prior to exporting TASKE call data to CoreDirect.
  2. Add the integration utilities to the TASKE Console Tools menu by adding the appropriate entries to the Windows registry
    1. Run the appropriate registry file to automatically add the necessary entries to the registry:  32bit: ftp://ftp.taske.com/Support/Misc downloads/kb10142-32.reg 64 bit: ftp://ftp.taske.com/Support/Misc downloads/kb10142-64.reg
    2. Restart the TASKE server computer for these changes to take effect
  3. Connect CoreDirect and Contact
    1. Select COREDIRECT Integration Wizard from the Tools menu in Console
    2. Use the Data Export Configuration pages to select the type of data to export and the location of the exported data files. TASKE call data is exported to .txt files.
      • Export data files to this folder – the default location for saving the .txt files is c:\. To export the files to another location, browse to an existing directory or create the desired directory and browse to that location in the wizard.
      • File names – the TASKE call data files are named in the format TCD-YYYY-MM-DD.txt, where YYYY represents the year, MM represents the month, and DD represents the day.
    3. Use the Schedule Configuration page to configure the time for the daily export. This is when the TASKE call data from the previous day will be exported to a .txt file.
      • Delete files with a creation date older than – enable the this check box and input the desired number of days to automatically remove the old .txt files from the computer.
    4. Restart the TASKE Integration Server to apply the changes
    5. Change the TASKE Integration Server startup type to automatic to ensure the data transfers occur on schedule by selecting Properties for the Information Server in Console
  4. Use CoreDirect Exporter to export call data
    1. Select COREDIRECT Exporter from the Tools menu in Console
    2. Use the calendar tool to select a date, or range of dates and click Request Data to export the selected call data to CoreDirect. The bottom section of the window displays the status of the request.
    3. If the utility is unable to generate the data, ensure all required TASKE Contact server components are started.


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