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Trunk Group Report is Displaying Zero for the Busy Seconds

Last Updated: 25-Apr-2011


One or more Trunk Group* reports are always displaying zero for the busy seconds. This is represented in the following report column:

  • Trunk Busy Secs for TASKE Contact, and TASKE Reporter
  • Phone Line Busy Secs for TASKE Essential

*  Referred to as Phone Line Group in TASKE Essential


The Busy Secs column of the trunk group report represents the number of seconds all trunks in the group were simultaneously occupied during the time period.

A value of zero will appear for the busy seconds in a Trunk Group report when a single trunk is the sole member of a trunk group. This behavior is by design and operates on the assumption that a single trunk in a group will report their busy seconds as the same as the duration indicated in other columns of the report.


Use the Individual Trunk Summary report to view the duration that an individual trunk was in use. Delete Trunk Groups which contain a single trunk to prevent confusion.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • All


phone linetrunk

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