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This article identifies some key tasks an administrator of the TASKE application may undertake in the course of maintaining the TASKE system. TASKE is Enterprise Application Software and as such requires a user* to be logged on to the TASKE server computer in order to Administer the system, collect data, and serve reports to users. In the case where the server is rebooted, for example, after a power failure, you can configure the machine to automatically logon and start TASKE servers and services automatically in order to resume data collection and restore functionality to TASKE applications. Additionally, since a user is always logged on, we have included some notes regarding the use of Remote Desktop to access the TASKE server.

*Note for Avaya™ telephone systems: Communication Manager telephone systems using the Security Database (SDB) must configure Windows to automatically logon using the Telephony Services Administrator (TSA) user account for TASKE in the SDB. This account has full access rights for monitoring telephone system devices.

Configuring Windows to Automatically Logon to the TASKE Server Computer

Configuring Windows to automatically logon requires registry changes and decreases security on the TASKE server computer. Before configuring this feature, TASKE recommends backing up the computer registry and placing the TASKE server computer in a physically secure environment. The instructions for configuring Windows to automatically logon to a computer vary according to the operating system:

Windows 2003 & 2008 Server: Microsoft Article 324737 – How To Turn On Automatic Logon in Windows Web link
Windows XP Microsoft Article 315231 – How to turn on automatic logon in Windows XP Web link

Configuring TASKE Servers and Services to Start Automatically

Refer to the TASKE Console online help on the TASKE server computer for instruction on configuring TASKE servers and services to automatically start when Console starts. The services that must be started are:

  • TASKE Information Server
  • TASKE Web Server
  • TASKE Add-On Server
  • World Wide Web Publishing
  • TASKE Integration Server – if the site has integrated a third-party application with TASKE Contact
  • TASKE WallSign Server – if the site is using WallSign

Scheduling TASKE Server Restarts

A system restart allows a computer to reset by stopping all processes, clearing the RAM, and registering new applications. This will temporarily stop data collection. All system restarts should occur outside of normal business hours to prevent data loss. If you would like to schedule a regular restart of your TASKE server, you can schedule an execution of the shutdown.exe utility on your Windows computer. Refer to the Microsoft documentation for more information regarding this utility.

Using Remote Desktop to Administer Your Server

Remote Desktop Connection is a Windows application that allows a user to remotely log into and operate other computers. This is useful when physical access to the computer is limited.

The version of Windows you are running on the client will determine how the Remote Desktop Program will connect to the server. To edit the Remote Desktop Program shortcut right click it and go to Properties, then add one of the following switches to the Target field:

  • If you are using Windows XP SP3  and above you will be required to add the –admin switch to the RDP program.
  • If you are using Windows XP SP2 and below you will be required to add the –console switch to the RDP program.

For more information please refer to Microsoft KB947723.

When you use Remote Desktop to log into the TASKE server computer you need to use the SAME user account for the existing session that is currently logged into that computer. Logging into the computer with a different user account may log off the current user and close all open applications, including the TASKE server applications required for data collection. Starting a new session may also stop the existing session, which also will result in loss of data. When you disconnect Remote Desktop, ensure you do not select Log Off as that will stop all TASKE applications including data collection.

Since different editions of Windows Remote Desktop function differently, we suggest you refer to the Microsoft Support WebsiteWeb link and locate articles specific to using Remote Desktop on your server’s operating system.

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