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Configuring the Home Country Code for TASKE Products

Last Updated: 21-Apr-2011


TASKE products set the local country code to North America by default. When the TASKE installation is located in another country, this causes issues when a Location is derived from the dialed digits. TASKE administrators should set the country code and local area codes in order for caller locations to be properly identified.

TASKE products currently support the the following international country codes as home country codes:

1 North American Numbering Plan2
44 United Kingdom
353 Ireland

ANI (Automatic Number Identification), also known as CLI (Calling Line Identity), based reports for TASKE sites outside of these locations may not show the correct locations.

The North American Numbering Plan is the telephone numbering plan used by Canada, the United States, and many Caribbean countries. For more information on the North American Numbering Plan, visit the North American Numbering Plan Administration web site Web link.


The home country code and area codes need to be configured for the TASKE product so the applications can use the telephone number to resolve call locations.


Use TASKE Administrator to configure the home country and, if applicable, area codes for a TASKE product.

  1. In Administrator, display the Report Options page.
  2. Select the Generation tab, and select the appropriate code for the country from the Country Code list.
  3. The selection of the country code changes the options in the Select area codes within your local calling area (maximum of 4) list. If the area codes are available for the selected country code, all applicable area codes for this country code are listed. Enable the check boxes for up to four area codes that the business can dial locally.

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