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On occasion, errant calls may display in TASKE real-time applications. An errant call is a call that has terminated, but remains active in the TASKE application and continues to increment in duration. This article provides instructions for configuring the TASKE Information Server to automatically close errant calls.


A call has an unusually long duration or displays a duration of 99:99.


A call may fail to close if the telephone system data stream did not provide the call cleared (CC) event when the call terminated or if the call was transferred to a device that the TASKE application cannot monitor because it is not present in TASKE Administrator.


Use the TASKE Real-Time Call Viewer to investigate errant calls, details provided in Article 10148.

The Show Errant Calls option in the Information Server Configure menu provides two options: Always or Never. Setting this option to Never instructs the Information Server to check for errant calls every 15 minutes and automatically close calls that meet all of the following certain criteria:

  • the call duration has exceeded one hour
  • the call has been transferred and placed in queue following the transfer
  • no records for the call have been received since placing the call in queue

Following this criteria prevents valid calls from being closed prematurely. Each time a call is closed in this manner, an entry is written to the TASKE log file. This entry includes the call ID, the call start time, and the call duration. Open TASKE Administrator to view the log entries.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

  • Toshiba Strata


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