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Configuring TASKE Administrator System Alarm Notifications

Last Updated: 20-Apr-2011


Use the TASKE Administrator to configure server conditions for which you want to be notified.  A user can receive an email, hear a sound playing at the computer and the TASKE Data Alarms window can display upon entering a system alarm condition.

Types of System Alarms

System alarm parameters are configured through the Alarms page of TASKE Administrator. There are three system alarms users can enable:

Send alarm when available disk space falls below xx% – this alarm notifies users when the amount of available computer disk space falls below the defined percentage. The allowable range is 5% to 99%.

Send alarm when a critical error occurs – this alarm notifies users when the TASKE log is full. A TASKE log file is automatically saved in the root of the TASKE installation folder each time it reaches 1 MB in size. Up to 100 log files can be saved and the files are named in the format log.000, log.001, log.002…log.100. After log.100 is saved, a critical alarm is raised the next time any application attempts to write an entry to the log.

Send alarm when no messages are received after xxx seconds – this alarm notifies users when no telephone system records have been received within the defined number of seconds. The minimum value is 30 seconds. Alarm notifications are only sent during the identified time range. Set the Monitor between hours to the hours of the business day. All potential data loss alarms are recorded in the log, however, to avoid raising an alarm when there is no one available to respond to the situation, system alarms will only appear between the hours entered.

Configuring System Alarm Notifications

There are three ways that users can be notified of system alarms:

Play a sound – plays a beep at the TASKE server computer each time an alarm occurs.

Display a message – this option opens the TASKE Data Alarms window on the TASKE server computer. The window provides details of the system alarms that are occurring. Users can manually open this window at any time from the Information Server by selecting Show Data Alarms from the File menu.

Send an email to – This feature sends an email to the addressee identified in the Email Address box each time a system alarm occurs. The subject of the email will be TASKE Notification – <Alarm Type> and the sender’s email address is the same as the addressee. Before email notifications can be sent, the email address, email server name, and port number must be configured. Administrator will only send email notifications for the enabled alarm types.

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