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Reports configured to automatically print or email are not generating.


This may happen for a number of reasons. To resolve this problem follow one of the following solutions:

Enable the Automatic Report Generator

 To configure the report generator, click the Preferences link in the TASKE banner. Click Reports and then Schedule Options. Verify that the Automatically run Report Generator checkbox is enabled and that the correct day(s) and time are selected.

Ensure the check boxes for Auto Print or Auto Email are enabled in the Report Template

For the desired report template, click Properties.

For printing, within the General section, click Edit. Enable the Print this report template according to schedule set in preferences checkbox. Note this will print to the server printer configured in Preferences, under Reports, Print Options. If you receive an error, refer to Article 10158 for information pertaining to required permissions to print to network printers.

For emailing, within the Email section, click Edit. Add the recipients of the email to the text area and enable the Automatically email this report template according to schedule set in preferences checkbox. If you receive an error, ensure you have configured the email server settings. Refer to Article 10159 for detailed instructions.

Also Note

The automatic print or email features will only function:

  • The DAY BEFORE for Daily reports
  • The DAY WEEK STARTS ON as defined in the options section of the Administrator for Weekly and YTD/Week reports
  • The FIRST DAY of the month for Monthly and YTD/Month reports
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