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Emailing of Report Doesn’t Work

Last Updated: 15-Jun-2015


The user receives one of the following errors when attempting to email reports:

The email server name has not be configured under the Preferences section.

The template cannot be scheduled for email until the email preferences have been configured properly.


TASKE Reports must be configured with an email server’s information to send reports via email for each user that requires this feature.


For each user, log in to TASKE. Select the Preferences link in the TASKE banner. Click Reports, and then Email Options. Provide the following information:

From email address: your email address, such as you@yourdomain.com. This is the address others with see as the from address when receiving email reports.
Email server name: identifies the server that sends email from your domain. If you do not know the email server name, check with your network system administrator.
Port: the port number that the email server uses to send email. The default is 25, which is the port number most often used for this purpose.

Additional Information

TASKE requires unauthenticated access to send emails. You must enable Anonymous Access on your email relay.

Applies to:

Telephone Systems:

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