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Real-Time state charts and maps in TASKE Contact and TASKE Essential are incrementing the agent and extension time in state too fast.


On some computers, the Java 2 Runtime Environment may cause the Windows system clock to run too fast. TASKE real-time Java applets poll Windows for the system time and use the response to calculate the time agents and extensions have spent in various states. Because the Windows system clock is incrementing time too fast, the real-time state charts and maps in TASKE web applications are incrementing the time in state too fast. As a result, the time in state displayed for agents and extensions is too long.


Update Java to the most recent version.

If you prefer to use TASKE web applications with the affected version of Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, the following solution is available:

Use the Java Control Panel to correct computers affected by this issue. Before launching this application, sign out of your TASKE web application and close all web browser windows.

To launch the Java Control Panel, open the Windows Control Panel and select Java. Note that if you are using the Category View of Windows Control Panel, you will need to display the Other Control Panel Options page to locate the Java option.

In the Java Control Panel, select the Java tab and click View… in the Java Applet Runtime Settings section of the tab. Input the following command in the Java Runtime Parameters column of the Java Runtime Versions table:


Open a web browser window and sign into your TASKE web application. The real-time applets and the Windows system clock should now be operating in real-time.

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