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Customizing the Appearance of TASKE Web Applications

Last Updated: 21-Apr-2011


This article explains how to change some aspects of the appearance of your TASKE web application.


The TASKE web application does not have an automated method of adjusting colors or images however any graphic designer familiar with CSS and GIF image types should be able to make changes to components of the TASKE Web Application. The TASKE web application files are located at: %install directory%\webapps\. By default: C:\TASKE\webapps.

Do not modify any ASP files. You will break the TASKE web application.

Edit the styles.css file to change select styles and colors. Some of the basic areas styled are:

  • .mainmenu and .mainmenuselected – the top bar that allows you to choose between areas of the application
  • .breakbar – the submenu of functions shown under the main menu bar (yellow text, dark grey background)
  • .submenu – the left menu (light grey background)
  • .submenutitle – titles used in the left menu
  • .pageheader – the title of the page shown in the content pane
  • .sectionborder and .sectionheader – the blue-bordered areas in the content pane
  • .dialogTitle – the titles of dialogs
  • .dialogsubTitle – secondary titles used in dialogs
  • .buttonbar – blue background area holding buttons in the dialog

All graphic files used in the product are in %install directory%\TASKE\webapps\images. Ensure any graphic files you replace have the same name as the original as well as the same pixel dimensions. If the image is of a different size it will be resized to the original graphic’s dimensions. This may change the aspect ratio of the new image causing it to appear flattened or stretched. Some items to note about the graphics:

  • The lines across the top are achieved by repeating a the image bkgd_lines_blue.gif. A simple way to remove these lines is to replace this graphic with a similarly sized transparent graphic.
  • The TASKE product logo is used three times in the product; on the main page, the chat top area and the preferences. If you want to replace it, ensure you replace in all three locations.

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