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Report Fails with a Failed to Parse Template Error

Last Updated: 21-Apr-2011


The TASKE web application displays a Failed to parse template 0x80004005 error when attempting to run a report.


Illegal characters have been entered in the name or nickname of a resource. These characters include the following:

< >
? *


TASKE version 8.8.2125 or greater. If you have an older version of TASKE, you can download the appropriate DBFilter application from our ftp site at: ftp://ftp.taske.com/Support/Misc downloads/DbFilter/


Use the TASKE DBFilter application to remove all illegal characters from your TASKE resource names.

  1. Launch the DBFilter application, located at: %install directory%\dbfilter.exe. By default this is C:\TASKE\dbfilter.exe.
  2. In the File name field enter the path to your TASKE toolbox.cde file: %install directory%\SiteData\local\toolbox.cde.
  3. In the Remove field enter the characters you would like removed. By default, all the currently known problematic characters are listed.
  4. Select the checkboxes for the resources from which you would like the characters removed.
  5. Enable the Create a backup copy before modifying the database file checkbox to keep a copy of your database before the characters are removed.
  6. Click OK to start the filter.

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