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Reports or Visualizer Searches Time Out

Last Updated: 4-May-2011


Reports or Visualizer searches frequently time out before presenting the report or search results. The user may see the following message:

Report generation is taking longer than expected. Please wait a few minutes and run your report again.

If they try again, the report still times out.


To ensure client computers are not locked up for extended periods of time, the TASKE summary generator has a time out value. The summary generator is used for both generating reports and conducting Visualizer searches.


Increase the time out value entered in the Windows registry:

  1. Open the Windows Registry Editor. Refer to Article 10184 if you are using a 64-bit machine.
  2. Browse to the following DWORD value registry key:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TASKE Technology\Call Management\Reports\SummaryTimeout
  3. Change the DWORD value to a larger number of seconds. Note if this key doesn’t exist, you should create it.
  4. Re-start the TASKE Information Server by opening the TASKE Console, selecting the Information Server in the list, click the Stop and then the Start toolbar buttons.

If this does not solve your issue and you are using the TASKE web application then the ASP Script Timeout in IIS may also need to be increased. The following Microsoft articles may be of assistance:

Please contact the TASKE Technical Support Department for further assistance.

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