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Installing TASKE Windows Desktop Client Applications

Last Updated: 22-May-2013


TASKE Windows1 desktop client applications are installed through the network. Part of the TASKE server installation includes placing the client setup applications in the Setups folder on the TASKE server computer and sharing this folder across the network. Installing TASKE Windows desktop client applications then becomes as simple as browsing to the Setups folder on the TASKE server computer from the client computer and launching the setup program of the desired client application.

The client applications available for network installation are:

Client Application Location
TASKE Desktop \\<TASKE server computer>\TASKE\Setups\Agent
TASKE DisplayCentral \\<TASKE server computer>\TASKE\Setups\DisplayCentral
TASKE Administrator \\<TASKE server computer>\TASKE\Setups\Supervisor

For instruction on performing network client installations, refer to the TASKE Installation Reference available on the TASKE installation CD.

  1. Windows refers to Microsoft® Windows operating systems.

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