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How to Back Up or Migrate TASKE

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2014


All the files the TASKE server uses are contained in the TASKE installation directory (C:\TASKE by default). The following describes which files on the server are important to backup. For clients, the only files maintained on a client machine are the TASKE Desktop preferences files, which are located in the User’s folder, in a folder named .taske. You may either use the Support Packager feature of the Administrator or manually pick the files to back up.

If you must migrate the TASKE installation to a new computer or virtual machine (such as when replacing older computers), you can maintain your settings and data files by moving these backed up files to the new computer. We recommend that you move this content when migrating to the same “.” version of TASKE 8 release or to a consecutive version of a TASKE 8 release. For example, move this content when migrating from version 8.8 to 8.9. Contact TASKE Support if you’re migrating from version 8.7 to 8.9.

Use Administrator to create a backup zip file:

  1. Open the TASKE Administrator
  2. In Configuration mode, click the Utilities button.
  3. In the Support Packager section of the page, click Create Package.
  4. Check  Include Web Preferences to save the user preferences of your TASKE users.
  5. If you have WallSign installed, check Include Sign Database.
  6. Select the dates for which you want to backup your telephone system records.
  7. Click Save Local. You will be prompted for a location to save the zip file. By default it assigns a file name that consists of your lock number, a dash, and today’s date in YYMMDD format.
  8. Click Save to create the .zip file.

Manually back up or move your TASKE files:

Locate the TASKE installation folder on the TASKE server computer.

Select the following:

Folder Name Contents
Prefs\ Your TASKE user preference settings. Copy the entire folder contents, except for the “superdef” user.
SiteData\Local\SMDR\ Your historical call data
SiteData\Local\toolbox.cde TASKE Database file which Administrator uses to identify your resources
SiteData\<remotesite>\SMDR\ For enterprise installations: Your telephone system records for the remote site
SiteData\<remotesite>\toolbox.cde For enterprise installations: TASKE Database file which Administrator uses to identify the resources at the remote site
SiteData\DC\ For installations using DisplayCentral: DisplayCentral layout files
SignData\ For installations using WallSign: Sign configuration files


Version Note

The instructions in this article apply to TASKE version 8.8 or later. In earlier versions of TASKE the steps may differ slightly.

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